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Counselling is a “talking therapy that can help with a range of mental and emotional problems, including stress, anxiety and depression”.

We all struggle with life at times – whether you feel stuck or upset by your personal circumstances, may have experienced a traumatic event in your life, or are going through a period of profound change in your life, I am here to help you make sense of your individual situation and process any difficult thoughts, feelings, and  emotions you may have.

Whereas there are some external factors we have no control over, we are the only ones who can take steps to change things in our lives and and have the power to choose to see things, feel, or act differently. Easier said than done I know! but you will be suprised that, with drive and determination, change is very much possible. This can be truly liberating and life-changing.

Counselling therapy can help you work on personal issues by allowing you the space to process your feelings and increase your self-awareness. You don’t need to have a problem to come for counselling. Whether you are having any personal issues at home or work, going through a difficult time in your life, or just want to talk things through with a professional counsellor, I will offer you a safe and confidential space where you can share your concerns, issues and feelings. I will be listening without passing judgement and provide you an objective perspective.

However, I will not be telling you what to do or give you advice of any kind. I believe in the human potential and the individual client’s ability to work out the solutions to their own problems. I will just walk alongside you supporting you along the way.


‘A therapy session is a mirror of the outside world and where we exist in it’

Key benefits of counselling:

  • Validation of your feelings
  • Support your personal growth
  • Clarity of thought: Help find your own way to make progress and necessary changes to live a more meaningful, genuine and happy existence
  • Improved relationships with self and others
  • Provides you an objective view on your issues
  • Valuable insights into yourself, the way you function, your triggers and reactions, and how you relate to and deal with others.
  • Regain autonomy and confidence
  • self-acceptance
  • contentment
  • emotional fulfillment