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A counselling session with me

We are all human and we all struggle at times. There comes a time in life when we feel stuck or trapped, and we need to make a change, and I am here to help you make that change…

I work as an integrative counsellor and I feel at ease incorporating concepts and practical elements from different counselling modalities. I love working creatively in therapy and I am able to offer a personalised counselling service by adapting my skills and ‘mixing and matching’ techniques from different counselling approaches to suit the individual needs, wants, and personality of each client at different stages of the counselling process.

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My counselling training

I have trained mainly in humanistic counselling:

  • Person-Centered therapy, Gestalt, and Psychosynthesis modalities; but I have also learned about other main counselling approaches: 
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help challenge negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
  • Psychodynamic approach to help explore the past and see how adverse events may have influenced you shaping your development and adult life, as well as your present circumstances. You focus on what happened to you and its impact on your life and view of the world rather than ‘what is wrong with you’.

My aim is to first help you understand your thoughts, feelings and/or behaviours, to cope with your own triggers, and to empower you to make the desired changes in your life. I do this by putting you at the centre of the therapeutic process and listening without judgement. I will give you a voice and a safe space where you can be yourself and feel comfortable sharing your feelings, experiences, issues, and concerns.

How I will support you

We will work together and I will you help deal with your issues:

  • navigating a life-changing or challenging situation: bereavement, sudden loss, conflict with friends and family
  • managing your emotions more effectively and self-regulate to control your reactions
  • coping with symptoms trauma-related: stress, depression, anxiety
  • understanding your own triggers

I will also teach you skills and techniques to help you live a more genuine, meaningful, and happier existence

What happens in counselling therapy

Prior to the start of the therapeutic work we will discuss and agree to the counselling contract, which will set the boundaries and terms and conditions related to the work in the sessions. On our first session we will discuss your goals for therapy.

During your time in therapy with me I will encourage to be involved in the counselling process. I will help you reflect on your reactions and find alternative ways of thinking and/or doing but you will need to be open to self-reflection, self-questioning, self-evaluation and be willing to embrace change. I will walk alongside you supporting you during your individual journey. This may include a rollercoaster of mixed feelings , emotions and experiences: happiness, pain, or a rediscovery of the self. I will listen to you without judging and offer my objective insights. I will try to help you achieve increased self-awareness about your situation helping you better manage your thoughts, emotions and feelings to regain clarity of thought and more control over your life so that you can live a more genuine, comfortable, and happier existence.

In my work I mainly believe in human potential and your ability to tap into your own inner resources.

I believe that, given the necessary conditions, people feel more empowered to make changes in their lives. By offering empathy, acceptance, and non-judgmental listening I offer a safe environment that helps facilitate progress and positive change but you still play a very important and active role in your own healing process in therapy. As a truly person-centered therapeutic counsellor, I believe in human potential and your ability to tap into your own inner resources. You are the master of your own destiny and able to make the decisions and choices that are right for you. You are able to come up with solutions to your own problems and I will guide you in this process without telling you what to do.

If you are going through a challenging time in your life, need a listening ear or a new perspective on things, and above all, willing to embrace positive change, do contact me as counselling may be the way forward for you!