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My journey into counselling

I was always passionate about complementary therepies and I have always been interested in psychology and the workings of the human mind, motivations, and drivers.  I started my counselling studies ten years ago alonside fulltime work. I trained both at Hills Road and College and JHD Counselling Ltd in Cambridge and gained great understanding of the different theoretical frameworks as well as counselling practice.  I qualified as a professional counsellor in Cambridge with a Level 4 Diploma in Humanistic Counselling in 2021`, having gained practical counselling experience in placements with different organisations.

I arrived in the UK when I was 20, moving away from everything I knew, my close-knit family and childhood friends in Spain, to start a new life in the UK in search of new experiences and opportunities.

Little did I know when I moved here of the challenges I’d experience living in a new country and adapting to a new culture so different to mine. My first 10 years here were tough but I worked hard to overcome the obstacles and struggles: sometimes I felt out of place, or even rejected. At times I felt alone in the world, invisible, and often had to fight to make my voice heard or to be understood. I felt uprooted, sad and afraid of ‘missing out’…perhaps you can relate to this somehow? I found it hard to understand a new culture and its norms, some of which clashed with my own values. I was also torn between a life in Spain and one here in UK.

Effectively, I went through an ‘identity crisis’ where I had to reconcile different aspects and parts of my personality. I was trying to adapt to a new life in a new country, whilst staying true to myself at the same time. I quickly had to learn to communicate and behave in a different way to conform to a new set of cultural norms. That involved having to see the world through a new lens.

I tried to make sense of a new life, integrating all my experiences, and taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by the experience of a new culture. Incidentally, it was by accepting and embracing the new, that I managed to turn some negatives into positives, getting to know myself better, turning a challenge into an opprotunity, and growing a great deal in the process.

I have mainly worked with clients (both adults and children and young people) who have experienced a bereavement, a loss, abuse, trauma of some kind. Also I have worked with cultural and identity issues, and those with suicidal thoughts and/or struggling to find some meaning to their existence.

I am a spiritual person and this shines through in my counselling practice and the tools and techniques used. I like to work integratively and creatively and you play an equally important part in the counselling process.

I am very grateful for the valuable experiences and the lessons I have learned along the way. I have also gained more genuine happiness, peace of mind, and emotional healing. It has been possible mainly through acceptance of the polarities in life, learning to let go when things or people are not good for me, and establishing tighter boundaries. Reflecting on the these experiences and exploring and accepting ‘my shadow side’ has brought about more understanding, deeper meaning and positive change. All experiences, good and bad, have made me the person I am today, enriching and shaping my life in unimaginable ways, and taking me in directions I never thought possible.

My own life experience and training have been life-changing and helped improve my understanding of human relationships, the issues experienced by those grieving, traumatised or abused. I have also developed my practical skills to be able to support my clients more effectively. I definitely have my clients to thank for trusting me with their issues and concerns helping my professional advancement and personal growth. I also thank them for the bravery and determination to share their testimonies (at times very touching!) of the challenges they are navigating and their past adverse experiences. Every time, with every client, I come away with so much insight, knowledge, and understanding, and l know I will be a much better counsellor thanks to this.