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How counselling could help you

Counselling as a talking therapy can be quite therapeutic and provide much-needed clarity of thought.

My own counselling journey, though difficult at times, it has also been extremely rewarding so far helping me:

  • become increasingly aware (of self and others!)
  • become more emotionally intelligent.
  • establish firmer boundaries
  • better manage relationships with self an others
  • better manage expectations from self and others.
  • become more assertive with courage to say ‘no’ when something is not OK.
  • process and integrate both my positive and negative experiences
  • become more acceptant with increased interpersonal and intercultural awareness.
  • view things different from another perspective
  • control draining and harmful emotions
Counselling gives you time and a safe, non-judgemental, respectful, and confidential space to express your thoughts, feelings and concerns to help you work through your problems.

With counselling therapy you could achieve all the above and more so… why not give it a try? I’m fluent in both English and Spanish and a professionally qualified  integrative counsellor who can provide talking therapy in both languages.

Being a complementary therapist myself I also take a holistic view of counselling and it is my belief that a healthy mind and healthy body go hand-in-hand. Equally, the body keeps the imprint of pain trauma and treating the body can help put the mind at ease.

At a counselling therapy session with me you will be able to speak your mind and have the chance to raise, discuss and process any issues, concerns, and problems worrying you. You will also be encouraged to face your fears to help you remove the blocks stopping you from being yourself or achieving your full potential.