special occasions

Massage in Cambridge with Elena Gonzalez Message and Therapies is the best gift you can give yourself, your friends and family. It is always a boost to your health and immune system, and especially welcome during a stressful period in life or during a bout of ill health. Although, you don’t have to be ill to experience the benefits of massage (insert pdf). It’s also a nice way to celebrate a special milestone in life. Whether a birthday and anniversary or any life-changing event, take time out to relax, take stock and celebrate in style.

Mobile massage service at pampering parties

As a mobile therapist I can come out to you for:

  • ‘Pampering sessions’: It’ not just a treat, for those looking for that ‘good-feel’ factor.
  • Hen parties: an unforgettable unique experience for the bride-to-be and her girlies.
  • Birthdays and other celebrations: For those wanting to stay in to celebrate the occasion and relax in style with a treatment.
  • Wedding parties: I’ll come to your venue to help relax the bridal party on the morning of the big day.
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