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corporate massage

How convenient would it be if I went to your workplace or event to provide massage to your employees and/or clients? Are you looking for a treatment in the office? I’m Elena Gonzalez, Massage and Complementary Therapist in Cambridge, also a mobile masseuse  who will travel to you so your employee or client  can benefit from the positive massage.
On-site chair massage is an effective way of offering the benefits of massage in a private or public area for the comfort of your employees and your clients. It can also be easily given in different locations and event settings Either for tension release and/or  stress reduction, chair massage at work is an appropriate and attractive incentive to employees and clients alike.

Wellbeing at work:

  • A good employer appreciates staff efforts and cares about their health.
  • A massage can be a great health benefit part of an attractive corporate health package giving your employees the opportunity to experience an energy boost or relaxation in the workplace

Corporate massage:

Impress your client and attract prospects to your stall at Trade shows, conferences, etc.

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