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gift vouchers and offers

The perfect gift for any occasion.

A massage gift voucher makes a great gift for friends or loved ones. You don’t need to be ill to receive massage, it’s a need to keep your physical and emotional health in check, not just a treat.

Whether you’d like to alleviate the symptoms of a specific condition,  are feeling stressed, down, tired or in pain or just have an achievement or life milestone to celebrate you owe a massage to yourself. You may also have  friend or family member you  just want to just to spoil, a massage is the perfect token of love.

A Massage Gift Voucher for a treatment with Elena Gonzalez is a wonderful way of looking after yourself or letting someone important in your life know that you really care…by letting me massage their knots, worries, and pains away.

Gift Vouchers are available in 30, 60, 90 minute durations and valid for any of my Massage Treatments and Complementary Therapies. Check the relevant prices here. Note that gift Vouchers come with¬†a 12-month expiry date to be used at one’s convenience during that time.

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