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Elena was excellent and provided kind, patient and effective support

Elena was excellent and provided kind, patient and effective support. I felt as though I had moved forward quite a lot.


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Elena is an amazing counsellor, she has been my saviour through my toughest moments.

I never thought I would be able to see light at the end of the tunnel but with her help I am eventually starting to see that light!
She has helped me overcome and forget about the days that weren’t even worth thinking about, she has made me a stronger, more positive person and I can now push myself to become motivated.
I gelled with Elena straight away, I felt completely at ease and therefore was able to be open and honest with my feelings in our sessions. She completely got me, and I trusted her. I was able to talk to her about anything: from grieving for my Grandma and all the memories I had, to friendship issues and day to day life problems. 
Elena is one in a million and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her for counselling.

Freya (child)

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My face looked like its old self again!

 I could really see the difference when I got home, my face looked like its old self again, and it was much less puffy this morning too 🙂 My skin seems brighter and less red/blotchy today too, and even feels a little softer, so I’m really pleased, thank you so much!

Holly on MLD

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In one session she managed to get me back to normal

I managed to get myself into a lot of lower back pain via rowing and continued with it for another week before I went to Elena. She gave me a full explanation of what was going on in my back and midway the session for the first time I was without pain and actually felt my entire back starting to relax again. In one session she managed to get me back to normal and onto a full recovery! Would definitely recommend.

Geertje on Deep Tissue and Trigger Point

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‘definitely the best in the area…’

Your hands are delightfully strong and powerful, I went to many massage therapists before I met you and you are definitely the best in the area!


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‘you are my secret weapon…’

I feel totally recharged, rebooted and ready to go. You are my secret weapon, and I’m so glad to come to you.


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‘the transformation after each massage was amazing…’

Cambridge Massage Society worked wonders on stressed students at St John’s college – the transformation after each massage was amazing, with everyone feeling lighter, calmer and tension-free. It’s amazing how 15 minutes can make such a difference. Thank you!

Katie Williams, St John’s College Welfare Office

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‘very attentive, caring and friendly…’

I came out of a liposuction procedure with lots of swelling, pain and bruising. Through regular MLD, Elena has worked her magic in reducing the swelling and evening out the skin tone. A very attentive, caring and friendly therapist, I highly recommend Elena.


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‘amazingly skillful hands…’

Elena has amazingly skillful hands which reach the parts that really need attention with real deftness and
strength. Her knowledge, intuition and wide range of techniques flow seamlessly and her rythmn of touch is  very enjoyable and apt. I always come away from her sessions feeling uplifted and freer in my body with
real optimism for loosening further with repeated visits.