therapies for all ages

I intend to give a pleasant experience by seeing to your specific needs regarding areas to be treated, technique, time and desired pressure. I offer different treatment options: from an aromatherapy facial to deep tissue massage, a localised relaxing neck, shoulders and upper-body massage or a head massage lasting 30 minutes right through to a full body massage session  lasting 1 hour.

woman holds hand to back of neck, looking painedComplementing the massage and therapies I offer in my practice  I provide other services: mobile massage from the comfort of your  own home and story massage for children at schools as well as corporate and event massage service (parties/work), as well as range of other holistic therapeutic treatments like facials, head or foot massage or even Reiki healing.


Treatments are priced per session and include consultation and aftercare advice. A session will normally last 1 hour but let me know  if you wish to book shorter or longer therapy. Note that I do not have a price list per se as I charge per time invested. The cost of an  hour session required to provide a full body treatment is £45. This includes consultation and aftercare advice. However, there are other treatments i.e. facial, head massage or a back massage,  which will be shorter hence cheaper.  Please contact me for pricing info.

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