Therapy treatments during COVID-19

Massage treatment during COVID-19 Please do note that arrangements have changed due to the COVID-19 health crisis in order to protect you, the therapist and others. A risk assessment of all  activities involved in providing close contact services like massage has been undertaken.

I do welcome old and new clients but, before calling for an appointment, please ensure you familiarise with the new COVID-19 safety measures in place (Covid-19 For your protection and ours) to help protect all against coronavirus. It is essential that all new guidelines introduced are followed.

There are some changes to the way therapists welcome and deal with clients in the therapy room. However, your treatment itself will still be the usual relaxing or uplifting,  stress-free experience.

Making an appointment

See all treatments available and contact me  to arrange an appointment in advance. No clients will be seen without one.

Please note that if you have an appointment but have COVID-19 symptoms on the day you will not be able to come in for a treatment – please call to let me know, stay at home, self-isolate and follow NHS guidance.

In line with government advice, please note that facial treatments are not currently available and that appointments cannot be longer than 1 hour to reduce the amount of time offering close-contact services.

Before your treatment

Please read through all the information I send you in advance as you will be asked to provide consent prior to your treatment.

An email confirming your appointment date and time will also have a link to an online COVID-19 declaration form.

On the day of your treatment

You will need to ensure that you complete the COVID-19 declaration form online in on the date of your appointment before you come in for you treatment. We are trying to minimise paper exchange to avoid potential virus transmission but please advise if you cannot process the online form. Please note that if you will need to complete this form prior to any treatment.

Service hours have been reduced to allow a gap between one client and the next to disinfect and sanitise the therapy room, the surfaces and equipment touched. Note that close-contact time cannot exceed 1 hour from start to finish so please do try to arrive on time as I won’t be able to run over the hour allocated.

Please do not bring any food or drink to the premises but do bring your own water as I am no longer able to hand this over to you.

Payments will be ideally made online via bank transfer (new clients need will be asked to settle in advance at the time of booking ). If you need to pay with cash please bring the exact amount in as I won’t be able to deal with change.

On arrival

Please be aware of the signage when you arrive in the premises. It is important that you read any notices displayed.  You will be expected to wash your hands before and after your treatment and to wear a mask during your treatment. The therapist will be wearing a mask and a visor.

Your temperature will also be checked as a precaution.

On departure

When the treatment is finished please  let me know if  you have any questions or concerns before you leave. retake all your belongings with you and go and wash your hands again before you leave the premises.  The room then needs to be sanitised prior to the arrival of the next client.